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Epoch Arts Arts Response

We believe that the arts can help change our world, and our purpose with "An Arts Response" is to bring critical issues out of the dark and into people's conscience. Every year, Epoch Arts responds to a crisis in the world with the arts. Be it painting, poetry, or plays - whatever your art form is.


Arts Respinse 2017: Love Hate-Responding in Love.

Students responded to finding healthy ways to respond to hate. They looked at issues like bullying, cancer, addiction and prejudice. Performace was Feb.25th

Arts Response 2016: Addiction, Breaking Chains

The students responded to Addiction: Breaking Chains. Students took on the issues of what addiction is and finding hope through it. A talk back was held after the performance. April 23rd, 7:00pm.

Arts Response Memories

Arts Response 2015 - Joy Through Sorrow

Students responded to how you can find joy even in the toughest situations.

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Arts Response 2014 - Hunger

Students responded to the crisis of hunger. Teaming up with Feed My Starving Children, the cast worked hard to help fight hunger and raise awareness.

Arts Response 2013 - Love 146

Love 146 is a non profit dedicated to the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.Abolition and Restoration! We combat child trafficking & exploitation with the unexpected and restore survivors with excellence. With a special presentation on March 20th, our students responded to this issue. Visit Love146 at

Arts Response 2012 - Illness

An evening of artistic responses to the crisis of illness. Be it mental or physical ilness, our students responded to it by music, dance, film, theater, song etc.

Arts Response 2011 - Homelessness

This year our students focused on the theme "Homelessness". Responding to issues like job loss, mental handicaps and poverty, our students presented a powerful night of artistic response.

Arts Response 2010 - Community

Students responded to problems within their communities: abuse, poverty, drugs and many more. All proceeds went to sponsor a speaker to address these issues.

Arts Response 2009 - Compassion

Students responded to the theme "Compassion" in a variety of artistic modes. All proceeds from 2009 went to Banjar Tribal Ministries.

Arts Response 2008 - Cancer


Proceeds from the 2008 Arts Response went to the organization, the Sunshine Kids.


Thanks for coming to Beautiful Things 2016

"You are beautiful, smart, unique, and you are always enough. You are worth it, I tell her. And with the smallest of actions, with nothing more than a seed, her spirits were lifted in this one little deed. Yes, I believe love, will make you do crazy things." Little things are worth the investment.

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