Dinner Show

Dinner Show

Saturday, April 22 at 6:30PM

Join the cast of the original play, Unfinished People, as they preform in our annual Dinnershow. The evening begins with the cast serving you delicious pasta dinner with bread and salad. Then sit back and eat a variety of desserts as they perform a variety of skits, musical numbers and the best of all....Wackadoodles! Random acts are called out and the cast has to scurry to the clothesline, put on their costumes and perform on the spot! The evening costs $10. If you are interested in sponsoring a skit, contact us at elizabeth@epocharts.org


Thanks for coming to Unfinished People-2017

The original play, Unfinished People, focused on issues of social and economic differences, it looked at what causes separation, what distracts us from community involvement and how we can educate ourselves on issues that we know nothing about. It talked about characters who lived in a perfect diverse society, but when they are pulled out of that society and forced to look at the real world,they are shocked at how broken the world really is. "The play tackled current social and economic issues, as well as addressed the drug problems in this world that others seem to ignore. It taught us that we need to be passionate and active members of our community, instead of being distracted by superficial things,” says actor Megan Crotty. The play asked the question of how we spend our time, what superficial things we fill it up with and should we be investing in people, rather than things. Sixteen year old cast member Robin Leet explained, “This isn't your average play. This show discusses important, sparsely spoken of issues, such as drugs, addiction and what it can do to a person, and the unhealthy things we consume ourselves with in daily life. We will speak of the vacancy in relationships and people caused by cell phones and other casual, everyday devices.We break down barriers you might not even know were there and bring attention to poverty, the middle to lower class, and how these issues can affect our community as a whole.”