Core Values

What we believe and why we do what we do.

Core Values

We believe that art can ignite change in both an individual and a community.These values are the foundation of all our programs, work, relationships and art experineces. 

Creativity - We  encourage new ideas.  Our programs invite you to take risks in your art, give voice to your experiences, and illustrate the world as you see it. We create collaborative art with others to transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. 

Character - We encourage and practice radical self acceptance. Our process empowers students to overcome adversity and become change agents for their environment. We stimulate them in dialogue about critical issues and teach them how to be connected and committed to others. We provide them with the tools to develop a strong sense of self worth and commitment.

Community - We are committed to being interconnected: to develop and build relationships based on the talents and gifts of every person.  Everything we do is by and for the community. There is no "Me" in "We", the whole is more important than the individual.

Connections - Students, peers, volunteers, teachers and staff interact in meaningful ways at Epoch Arts. Our focus is on building bridges to form connections. We take on unexpected burdens and go beyond to reach our goal. 



Thanks for coming to Beautiful Things 2016

"You are beautiful, smart, unique, and you are always enough. You are worth it, I tell her. And with the smallest of actions, with nothing more than a seed, her spirits were lifted in this one little deed. Yes, I believe love, will make you do crazy things." Little things are worth the investment.

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